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Signed It Won't Always Be Like This LP


Inhaler’s debut album ‘It Won’t Always Be Like This’ a record that sees Elijah Hewson, Josh Jenkinson, Robert Keating and Ryan McMahon turn their early promise into something special, an album teeming with expansive indie-rock grooves and soaring anthems.

Pressed on 180g Black Vinyl.

Includes the single "Cheer Up Baby", a swooping, epic singalong alongside newly recorded versions of early fan favorites "My Honest Face" and title track "It Won’t Always Be Like This," the album is released in Summer 2021.

Side A
1. It Won’t Always Be Like This
2. My Honest Face
3. Slide Out The Window
4. Cheer Up Baby
5. A Night On The Floor

Side B
6. My King Will Be Kind
7. When It Breaks
8. Who’s Your Money On? (Plastic House)
9. Totally
10. Strange Time To Be Alive
11. In My Sleep